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Chasing and Repousse Tools
Chasing and Repousse Tools
Chasing and Repousse Tools

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Nechamkin Silver Studios
Nechamkin Silver Studios

Silversmith Liza Nechamkin Glasser, of Nechamkin Silver Studios, is experienced in providing distinguished clients with a full range of rare Silversmithing services.

Additionally, she teaches, lectures, and exhibits her chased works nationally, and is the creator of Nechamkin Chasing Tools™. Nechamkin Glasser is a highly skilled and accomplished chaser, specializing in the creation of custom silver pieces that are rich with highly ornamental chasing and repousse designs. Images of her work are included in a new book, Chasing and Repousse' Methods Ancient and Modern, by Nancy Megan Corwin.

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NEW: Home of Medium Green Chasers Pitch

Nechamkin Silver Studios See What the Experts are saying about Nechamkin Chasing Tools:

"Nechamkin Chasing Tools are elegant, easy to hold and an amazing deal. I had a student order a set when they were first available. She and I felt the tools were balanced and finely finished. I whole heartedly recommend these chasing tools, especially for fine chasing work."
— - Nancy Megan Corwin, Professional Chaser, Educator and Author of Chasing and Repousse, Methods Ancient and Modern, -Seattle WA.

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A Re-introduction of a staple

Finally, an expertly crafted core set of chasing tools designed by a professional chaser is available through a top tool distributor. For years, chasers have gone without an accessible source for ready to use chasing tools. While it is true, there are multiple chasing styles requiring innumerable tools, Nechamkin Chasing Tools™ 25 piece set in its durable container, will provide a central core or useful addition to any chasing tool collection.

Need special shapes? NSS also offers custom made chasing and repousse tools to order.

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