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100% American Materials & Labor Purchase your Chasing Hammers here

Made at Home
These hammers are proudly made right here at home in the USA using highly skilled and experienced craftsmen/women. Nothing is sourced offshore to make these hammers. We make all of these one by one, by hand in very small batches and all the labor is American.

Unparalleled Form
The handles are cut from locally sourced, hand selected cherry. Each one is carefully hand shaped into its signature form and final sanded. They are given a hand rubbed oil finish creating a rich color and satiny surface. The carefully weighted 3.8 ounce head has a 30mm diameter face, bears a laser engraved trademark and is hand finished. Heads are fitted one by one to their handles and manually fixed in place with a hand cut hardwood wedge the old fashioned way. You may store your hammer in its protective resealable plastic bag to keep it like new.

Unparalleled Ergonomic Function
Nechamkin Pistol Grip hammer design has ergonomic function unparalleled by other handles. This grip design provides easy control for light to medium-heavy strokes with a delicate whipping action; eliminating gripping errors that lead to fatigue when chasing for extended periods.

The grip fits naturally in the palm. This allows the hand to relax, wrist to remain effortlessly straight and the shoulder to drop. Strain on the upper body is reduced and chances of repetitive motion injury lessened. Simply put, these hammers are a pleasure to hold and use. Once you use this hammer, no other will do.

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When I was talking to Liza about this hammer she was so determined to have it exactly like you see it that I thought it would never happen. I am impressed. You guys have no idea how much effort went into making a hammer like this. No compromises, no half measures, no "lets make a small change here or there because it will save money or be easier." This hammer is exactly how she wanted it. My hat is off to you liza. I am impressed.
— Kevin Potter- Tool Maker/ Owner, Potter USA

"The Nechamkin Pistol Grip™ hammer thoroughly lives up to our expectations and receives an enthusiastic two thumbs up. We highly recommend it for anyone doing serious chasing and repoussť work. It is a 'must have' for our workshop and one thing is for sure; we'll need two to eliminate any disagreements over who gets to use the 'good' hammer."
—Kay and Tom Benham
Professional Metalsmiths
Contributing Writers for Lapidary Journal

"The shape of this handle forces you to keep your arm and hand in the correct position. I experienced zero fatigue after 2 days of intensive chasing."
—Thomas A. Levicky
Professional Metalsmith and Spinner

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