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Nechamkin Silver Studios
Nechamkin Silver Studios
Restoration of Delicate Silver Antiques
Services include but are not limited to:
  • Full Restoration, Repair and Polishing of Judaic, Ecclesiastical, and Museum Silver Collections
  • Disposal damaged flatware
  • Dent and ding removal
  • Reproduction or replacement of missing parts including: brushes, combs, knife blades, ivory insulators, handles, lids, and feet
  • Tightening of Loose insulators
  • Loose / broken handles
  • Loose / broken hinges
  • Broken Candelabra Arms and lights
  • Polishing of hotel and restaurant plated ware
  • Polishing
  • Hand Polishing
  • Hand Engraving Services
  • Silver Re-plating
  • Exact Reproductions for insurance or otherwise

Repair and Restoration Examples
These damaged objects were all restored by NSS. Want to see how they look now? Click on the object to see the results.

Do you have a piece in need of some attention? For information and price quotes contact us via e-mail at A visual inspection of your silver object will be necessary to provide you with an accurate price quote. Seeing the piece in person is best for us, but clear JPG's are accepted as an alternative. Estimates are always free.

Need appraisal services? May I refer Carolyn Remmy antiques and fine art. Visit

Looking for silver storage tips? For effective tarnish inhibiting silver storage options please visit

Missing a flatware piece from your set? Contact Beverly Bremer Silver Shop. They have an extensive antique silver collection and are excellent for replacement of missing flatware pieces.

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