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I have not made an improved chasing and repousse tool or invented a new one. I have simply brought back a great thing from the past: Properly designed, well made chasing and repousse tools available through a major tool distributor. The tools included in the 25 pc set are capable of spanning a wide range of chasing requirements. Click here to see the tools at work

Included in the Nechamkin Chasing Tools™ 25 piece set:

Straight Liner/Tracers

A1 - small

A2 - medium

A3 - inter.

A4 - large

Curved Liner/Tracers

B1 - small

B2 - medium

B3 - inter.

B4 - large

Rectangle Planishers

Square Planisher

C1 - small

C2 - inter.

C3 - large

D1 - inter.

Oval Planishers

Teardrop Planisher

E1 - medium

E2 - inter.

E3 - small

F1 - medium

Triangle Planisher

G1 - inter.

Shallow Oval Embossers

H1 - medium

H2 - inter.

H3 - small

Shallow Rectangle Embossers


I1 - medium

I2 - inter.

Shallow Square Embosser

J1 - inter.

Texture Matting

K1 - medium

K2 - medium

Nechamkin Chasing Tools 25 pc set Manufactured By:

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