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6 Piece Beading Set                 Purchase your Beading Set here

These Beading-Pearling Tools are patterned after French Pearloir and Boiteroile Tools.

Raised Bead Tools, when struck into the metal from the back produce a "pearl" on the front of the metal. They can aslo be used to deeply emboss small areas. The Hollow Bead can be used to make small circles or when struck over the "pearl" from the front, crisps and rounds the pearl defining its edges.

Some refer to this a "beading" or "pearling". Pearling was used heavily in the chased work of Tiffany & Co. designed by Charles Osborne in the late 19th century. The hollow and the raised bead tools can be used together or individually and can create pattern and texture by being struck repeatedly over an area.

Included in the 6 piece set are:

RB-1 small Raised Bead
RB-2 Medium Raised Bead
RB-3 Large Raised Bead
HB-1 Small Hollow Bead
HB-2 Medium Hollow Bead
HB-3 Large Hollow Bead

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