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Chasing and Repousse Tools
Chasing and Repousse Tools

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Nechamkin Silver Studios
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Custom Chasing Tools

Custom made Chasing and Repousse Tools. Need tool shapes but can't devote the time to make them? I will make them for you. Custom chasing tools are made to order. You can provide specifications or choose from my examples.

Custom 1

Undercutting Set

Heavy Custom Hand Forged Chasing Tools
100% Hand Made in the USA

These custom one of a kind tools are individually hand forged at Nechamkin Silver Studios out of W1 tool steel. They are made from square tool stock for superior control, have chamfered corners and a satin finish for a graceful comfortable feel in the hand. All tool faces are expertly shaped and highly polished to travel smoothly across the work. These tools are best suited for work requiring heavy blows, bold deformation, or to cover a large area within a design. Each tool in this series was made as a single piece only. Replicas can be made upon request.

Oblong Rectangle Embosser

Heavy Straight Liner/Fluting

High Relief Square Embosser

Square Planisher-Slight
Concave Radius Face

For custom chasing tools, inquire via e-mail to

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