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Nechamkin Chasing Tools™ are formed from W1 tool steel and heat treated in a controlled environment to ensure consistent Rockwell hardness. The 4.25" long shanks are square for precision and control superior to that of round, (with the exception of beading tools). They have chamfered corners and a satin finish for comfort in hand.

Each chasing tool is numbered for easy identification. All tool faces are precisely shaped and polished in a manner which allows them to travel smoothly across metalwork. For excellent sight down to the working face, tapers are long and balanced. The durable stainless steel container, an added value, is designed with room for augmentation of your tool set and has a non-marking Delrin™ lid and bottom.

"These tools are made to very precise specifications within extremely close tolerances. They are expertly crafted for grace and balance. I personally final polish and inspect each one. A substandard tool will never leave my workbench."

A Long Overdue Re-Introduction of a Staple
I have not made an improved chasing and repousse tool or invented a new one. I have simply brought back a great thing from the past: Properly designed, well made chasing and repousse tools haven't been sold through distributors for years. I developed this set over several years, inspired by my own antique collection of over 2000 individual chasing and repousse tools previously belonging to generations of Tiffany & Co and Gorham chasers. Choosing which tools to include in a "core" set was a difficult process since no single grouping can satisfy the requirements of all chasing approaches. The tools included in this set are capable of spanning a wide range of chasing requirements.

Worthy of Note
The general range of chasing styles these tools are best suited for fall within the realm of Western style jewelry and silver chasing. That approach being, low to moderately high relief outlined first from the front and subsequently embossed with repousse then final chased and modelled on the front; as seen in the famous 19th and early 20th century chasing of Tiffany & Co., Gorham, Kirk Steiff and Danish Silversmith George Jensen, to name a few. Although Japanese high relief chasing requires a different style of tool altogether, a respectable degree of high relief repoussage can be achieved utilizing the embossers in this set.

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